Fear in Belgrade, Attack on Israeli Embassy: Attacker Killed


By John

In Belgrade there was an attempted attack on the Israeli embassy, ​​in which a policeman was injured. The attacker was killed, according to the Serbian government. According to what the Serbian TV RTS writes, the attacker used a crossbow, with which the gendarme was injured.

The injured person is a Serbian police officer guarding the Israeli diplomatic headquarters, which, as well hit in the neck by the bolt fired from the crossbowmanaged to shoot and kill the assailant, the Interior Ministry in Belgrade said. Around 11 a.m., “an unknown person shot a member of the security forces, who was ensuring the security of the Israeli embassy, ​​with a crossbow, wounding him in the neck,” the ministry wrote. The officer underwent surgery to remove the dart and is now in intensive care, in “very serious” condition.

Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, who immediately classified the episode as Wahhabi jihadist terrorism – Wahhabism is a fundamentalist branch of Sunni Islam from which both Al Qaeda and ISIS originated -, said that investigations are underway. In Belgrade, Dacic said, security measures have been tightened. Several people have been detained “as a precaution”.

Serbian Prime Minister Milos Vucevic strongly condemned the “heinous terrorist attack”, stressing that the Serbian state is capable of reacting to the threat of terrorism. At the same time he invited citizens to have faith in the institutions to defend their safety. “This is a senseless act that cannot be attributed to any religion or any people,” Vucevic said. “It is the criminal action of an individual who has a name and a surname – he added. I therefore invite citizens to remain calm and not to give in to the propaganda of those who intend to create conflicts in our country”. The Prime Minister then said that “Serbia is able to respond decisively to the threat of terrorism”https://gazzettadelsud.it /articles/world/2024/06/29/fear-in-belgrade-attack-on-the-embassy-of-israel-the-attacker-killed-d684efe1-a057-4155-98be-33e63185fa27/.”Whoever thought of destabilizing us with such nonsense has wrong”.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that “no employees were injured” in the terrorist attack on the mission in Belgrade. “The embassy is closed” said the ministry spokesperson, adding that “a local police officer was injured and that the circumstances of the accident are under investigation”.