Fear in Siderno, flames in a building containing lithium batteries. A family evacuated and extensive damage to the structure


By John

A family evacuated and extensive damage to the structure is the toll of a fire broke out, for reasons still under investigation, inside a warehouse. The building built on three floors above ground in Dromo di Siderno Marina (RC), it contained numerous lithium batteries inside which, due to nature, favored the spread of flames and high heat development.

The timely intervention of the Siderno Fire Brigade team, coordinated by Team Leader Antonino Galì and supported by two vehicles, a fire engine and a tanker, alerted at 6.30 pm today, avoided much more serious consequences, both for the residents, immediately rescued, and for the structure.
The intervention is currently underway due to the large quantity of materials present which require constant cooling and monitoring by the Fire Brigade. It cannot be ruled out that the firefighting works and the danger will be over may be completed during the night.