Fiction and fire in Stromboli, Musolino: “Rai ready to compensate for the damages”


By John

The broadcast of the drama on Civil Protection filmed in Stromboli has been blocked. Rai appears ready to pay damages. “It took perseverance and a lot of patience, but in the end we brought home our first victory. Rai – states the Senator Dafne Musolino – stops the drama that started the fire on Stromboli and the production offers compensation. In fact, they recognize the damage the island has suffered.

In the supervisory commission I had asked the CEO of Rai Roberto Sergio clarifications regarding the company’s position and Doctor Sergio had said that “Civil Protection” would not be broadcast until the judicial investigation was concluded.”

“No one wanted to deal with this matter – concludes Senator Musolino – perhaps because the island, too small, is not attractive from an electoral point of view, but I believe that everyone always has equal rights in the face of damage suffered and then Stromboli is a wonderful island and it certainly didn’t deserve what happened to it it will be a matter of carrying out the necessary investigations and quantifying the extent of the damage, until then the fiction will remain in the drawers of Viale Mazzini.”