Fight against precarious employment in Calabria, law 15/2008 approved. Calabrese: “Historical milestone”


By John

“After the publication of “Dossier on precarious employment” in Calabria, where worrying data and significant costs to be borne by the regional budget emerge, yesterday in the Regional Council, we witnessed an important step towards the ’emptying precarious employment pools’ path for the normalization of active labor policies, with the proposal of law which concerns the precarious employment pools, such as law 15/2008 and 40/2023. With this action, employment stability will be guaranteed to precarious workers who will move to the employ of Azienda Calabria Verde. An important moment which saw the Regional Council vote unanimously, which President Occhiuto underlined as an important and sharing signal for the fight against precarious employment. A historic goal achieved after discussions with the main municipalities involved, with the unions, with Azienda Calabria Verde, finding the availability of the agriculture councilor Gianluca Gallo, the first signatory of the initiative shared with the other majority councillors”.

This is what the regional councilor for work and professional training declared in a note, Giovanni Calabrese.

“Law 15/2008 – explained Calabrese – has a pool of 515 temporary workers, 80% of whom are over 55 years of age, with the main job of gardeners, employed in some Calabrian municipalities and at the Pollino National Park Authority and to be allocated now to carrying out executive forestry construction activities. The Region, therefore, which today spends approximately 8 million euros of historicized resources from the budget for this basin, thanks to the new law will support the opportunity of contractualization, after the expression of interest on a voluntary basis, transferring the resources to Azienda Calabria Verde necessary economics. A similar situation will happen for the 64 temporary workers of law 40/2013 (most of whom are over 50 years old) who impact historicized resources for approximately 758 thousand euros”.

“A path – underlines the representative of the Council – which is part of the virtuous activity of the regional Government that we have started in order to empty the basins at the expense of the Region, without prejudice to the rigid political direction that the president Roberto Occhiuto is pursuing so that precarious employment measures are no longer being created in our Region. Thanks to councilor Gianluca Gallo for having worked assiduously and traced an important path also considering the value of these workers in the agriculture and forestry sector. Thanks to all the regional councilors and the group of Brothers of Italy with whom we are sharing actions necessary for the labor market and the development of our Region. The incorrect policies of the past, which caused delays for the regional government, create illusions and expectations for people who today reach retirement age with only the social pension. Our objective – finally claims the Calabrese councilor – is to create sustainable conditions and virtuous employment models to have real work in Calabria and to ensure that the Calabrians can remain in Calabria with work opportunities and dignity requirements which, often, they were missing due to a short circuit also fueled by politics.”