“Film Festival”, a showcase for Milazzo


By John

“The Steak”, origin Iran, by Kiarash Dadgar Mohe, won the international short film competition of the Milazzo Film Festival. The production was awarded the “Silver Scarab” for “the essential and impressive power of the camera's gaze which merges with our gaze, that of an ordinary passer-by who, on any given day, chooses to stop and observe to a window.”
The award ceremony for the short films was the last act of the 10th edition of an event which, like never before this year, proved to be an extraordinary promotional showcase for the city of Cape Town. The major national and television newspapers have in fact paid attention to the Festival which, in addition to welcoming great actors, has offered retrospectives, national previews and a focus on sustainability.
Thanks to the organizers (Antonio Napoli, Marco Vitale, Antonio Nunzio Isgrò) but, above all, of the two artistic directors, Caterina Taricano And Mario Sesti.