Fire in a boiler powered by a cylinder: fear and flames in Sellia Marina


By John

The fire brigade team of the Catanzaro Command, Sellia Marina detachment, is engaged in the municipality of Sellia Marina for the fire of a boiler powered by a bottle (cylinder) of LPG, located on the balcony of an apartment on the ground floor of a public building.

The fire, the cause of which is currently being investigated, also involved various materials crammed on the balcony as well as the window frames and the PVC roller shutter. The neighbors raised the alarm and called for help as soon as they noticed the flames.

The timely intervention of the firefighters resulted in the complete extinction of the flames, preventing them from spreading inside the apartment and in making the LPG cylinder safe. At the time of the fire, the only owner was in the house who fortunately did not suffer any damage.