First he targets a woman, then he stalks another: serial stalker reported in Rizziconi


By John

The checks by the Carabinieri of Gioia Tauro continue, even after the holidays, and in the last few days seven people have been reported.
Specifically, the Carabinieri of the station Rizziconireported in a state of freedom a man who, in recent times, had adopted the typical behavior of a stalker: in particular the man, already burdened with the provision of a warning, had targeted another woman and had begun to follow persistently, causing her a state of anxiety and fear and forcing her to change her lifestyle habits.

TO Graduate of Borrello instead, the soldiers of the local station reported a man in a state of freedom for escape who, subjected to house arrest, had left with the excuse of a medical need, without then presenting the required certification.
Also in Laureana di Borrello, a Romanian citizen was reported for having stolen a mobile phone temporarily left by a gentleman who, after having withdrawn it, had moved away from the ATM.

The soldiers of the Radiomobile Section, during patrol services, intervened at a supermarket in Gioia Tauro where two Romanian citizens – one of whom was a minor – had attempted to steal some food, but were noticed by the internal staff: both foreigners were reported for theft while a Georgian woman, during a road check, was found with a visa expired and she was notified of an expulsion order from the national territory.

Finally, a Rosarnothe soldiers of the local Tenenza, following the investigations carried out following a road accident in which a minor who was traveling on a scooter was involved, reported the driver of the van who had hit him at liberty for serious road injuries.