First three installments of the tax bill scrapping by March 20th: here's how to pay


By John

A few more days to pay the first three installments of the scrapping-quater. The Revenue Agency-Collection reminds us of this. The Milleproroghe decree, in fact, has deferred until next March 15th the payments of the facilitated definition expiring on 31 October 2023 (first or single instalment), 30 November 2023 (second instalment) and 28 February 2024 (third instalment).

The law provides for a tolerance of five days and therefore payments made by 20 March 2024 will be considered timely. The extension also concerns the first two installments due 31 January and 28 February 2024, for those affected by the flood events of May 2023. To pay, the forms attached to the Communication of sums due already sent by the Revenue Agency-Collection must be used and a copy is also available on

Please remember that in the event of payment not being made, made after the deadline or for an amount lower than the expected amount, the benefits of the facilitated definition will cease and the amount already paid will be considered as an advance on the residual debt. It is possible to pay at banks, at ATMs (ATMs) enabled for Cbill payment services, with internet banking, at post offices, at tobacconists and through the Sisal and Lottomatica circuits, on the portal or with the Equiclick App via the pagoPa platform.

You can also pay directly at the Revenue Agency-Collection counters by booking an appointment. Taxpayers who need to recover the communication of sums due and the payment forms can always download a copy directly in the reserved area of ​​the website or receive it via e-mail by sending a request from the public area, therefore without the need for pin and password, attaching an identification document. ContiTu is also available in the public area of ​​the Revenue Agency website. ContiTu is the service that allows you to choose to pay in a facilitated way only some of the notices/files contained in the Communication of the sums due.

To do this you need to access the ContiTu item among the pages of the site dedicated to the facilitated definition and fill in the request. At the end of the procedure, the taxpayer receives the summary statement via e-mail with the bills/notices he has chosen to pay and the related payment forms. For the remaining debts reported in the Communication, the facilitated definition will not produce effects.

The facilitated definition of the loads entrusted to the collection agent from 1 January 2000 to 30 June 2022, introduced by the 2023 Budget Law (Law no. 197/2022), allows you to pay only the amount due as capital and that due as reimbursement of expenses for any enforcement procedures and notification rights. However, sums due as penalties, registered interest, late payment interest and premiums are not to be paid. As regards debts relating to traffic fines or other administrative sanctions (other than those imposed for tax violations or for violation of contributory obligations), the sums due as interest (however called, therefore including the so-called “interest)” are not to be paid. increases”), as well as those due as a premium.