Former Gioia del Tirreno village of Nicotera, Orrico (M5S): “Ministry of culture exercises pre-emption right for purchase”


By John

“The Ministry of Culture must exercise its right of pre-emption for the purchase of the former Gioia del Tirreno tourist village in Nicotera Marina which is now the subject of a judicial liquidation procedure”. This was stated by the deputy of the 5 Star Movement Anna Laura Orrico. “The work – says Orrico – designed by the architect Cidonio and the famous landscape architect Pietro Porcinai, not only represented an important economic resource for the territory in the long years of activity, but is to be considered a unique complex for its visionary architectural capacity to integrate with the wonderful naturalistic context that surrounds it, thus anticipating the idea of ​​eco-sustainable tourism by decades. On the other hand – continues the Calabrian coordinator of the M5S -, the Ministry of Culture itself, thanks to the awareness campaign of the Pietro Porcinai Association, which since 2016 has denounced the state of degradation and abandonment of the structure, declared the complex of particular landscape and architectural interest. I myself, as undersecretary for cultural heritage, together with the then minister Franceschini, had decided to exercise pre-emption by proposing to the Calabria Region an agreement, which did not come to fruition, for the valorisation of the same. After that, unfortunately, silence. For all these reasons – concludes Anna Laura Orrico – I have decided to present a parliamentary question to Minister Sangiuliano to ask for direct intervention by the Ministry of Culture towards an asset in relation to which, from what emerges from journalistic investigations and the results of the Rinascita- Scott, even the ‘Ndrangheta had set their sights.”