Reggina tries to get back on track. The focus is on the recoveries of Rosseti and Renelus


By John

After two days of rest, Reggina will return to training today. At the weekend the Serie D championship rests and for Bruno Trocini there will be the opportunity to work on a team that should welcome Rosseti and Renelus back into the group. The amaranths will train at Campo Calabro. Playing, considering the enthusiasm of the comeback victory over Licata, would probably have been better, but the stoppage of the tournament will be a fruitful opportunity to try new game situations. Yes, because the 3-5-2 seen in Licata in the second half was convincing, but it will also have to be evaluated in the logic of the fit of the unders and also of its entire workforce. It is certainly an additional alternative in a phase in which the team could begin to discover that it has a wider range of options compared to the first round.
The market also and above all gave it away. It wasn’t brilliant, the strengthening strategy appeared almost conservative and in any case projected towards next season, but it certainly increased the number of men already “ready” to lend a hand to the technical project. The clear demonstration comes from what happened in Ravanusa against Licata. Not only did the Amaranths manage to turn the match around, but they did so by keeping their foot pressed on the accelerator thanks to the “fuel” coming from the bench. The comeback was in fact born from an assist from an excellent Martiner and Bolzicco, but it was completed by all the players who entered during the match in progress. The 2-2 was made by Parodi, with his cross from the right, and Perri who put the ball into the goal. The 3-2, however, was favored by the attacking midfielder from Cosenza and the decisive touch was from Lika, another protagonist who was part of the substitutes. The Italian-Albanian is one of the latest arrivals. As is Belpanno, a midfielder who is an under and therefore “numerically” the under alternative to Zucco, but he is also a footballer with different characteristics. Last Sunday was his debut and he immediately gave the impression of being a player with an important physicality, but above all a midfielder who knows how to move into space. If he really continues on the path of 3-5-2, this will be a tactical theme destined to have relevance in the Amaranth playing philosophy. Just as that of a team always lined up with an attacker close to Bolzicco will probably be. A solution that had already been thought of during the Christmas break, but which was an idea put aside until now due to the injuries suffered by Rosseti and Renelus. More arrows for the amaranth bow for a championship finale in which we will have to try to collect the maximum.
Much will depend on the ability to maintain the offensive prolificacy of the last few days. Nine goals in the last five appearances, not record numbers but significantly better than those of the previous phase of the tournament. The negative side of the coin is the fact that he conceded goals in five consecutive games. Not a consequence of a more offensive game, but more of a series of contingencies that previously were less evident in a defense that was almost impenetrable. The fact, for example, that there were several avoidable individual errors increases the chances of improvement.