Forza Italia prepares the race for the European Championships and relaunches local synergies


By John

Forza Italia is preparing for the great race of the European elections and is working on synergies with other parties, also digging into the majority front. In this logic, the Lazio council intergroup with Noi Moderati di was born Maurizio Lupi. The blue secretary will make the announcement Antonio Tajani and the leader of the centrist party. These strategic initiatives are combined with a targeted campaign of economic contributions which has brought over 2.1 million euros into the party coffers this year, up to November, with a decidedly varied group of financiers, net of the 600 thousand euros paid in total come on 5 children of Silvio Berlusconi and his brother Paolo, and another 100 thousand from Mediaset. There are also some in the large patrol Letizia Moratti And Paolo Scaroni, current president of Enel and Milan. Having returned to the party in October (after a brief period with the Third Pole), leading the national secretariat consultation, the former mayor paid 35 thousand euros into the blue coffers on 30 November, as can be seen from the lists published on the FI website. Two days earlier, Scaroni’s 30 thousand euros arrived. The contributions from 2019, published by law, are the first time that Moratti and the president of Enel have paid money to Forza Italia. Among the November payments there are the usual ones from parliamentarians (generally 900 euros per month, but there are those like the minister Paolo Zangrillo has guaranteed 2 thousand), including those of the secretary Antonio Tajani, of Marta FascinaSilvio Berlusconi’s last girlfriend, e Adriano Galliani, returned senator with the October by-elections. However, others also stand out. Stefano Aguzzi, Marche’s councilor for civil protection, cleared 9,600 euros on 17 November. Another 1,600 euros are Vito Bardi, outgoing president of Basilicata, one of the regions voting in the coming months. We can also see, from the report contained in the registers, the 75 thousand euros paid in three tranches by La Regina di San Marzano, a Salerno company specialized in the production of tomatoes.