From Arcea 46 million to agriculture. Gallo: “Fundamental support for thousands of Calabrians”. Funds also for foresters, one million for families


By John

Over 46 million euros destined for thousands of small and large farmers. Aid payments to support the Calabrian agricultural world continue regularly. In fact, in recent days, the regional agency for agricultural disbursements, led by the extraordinary commissioner Francesco Alberti, has started the liquidation phase of various decrees.

“Guaranteeing the punctual injection of liquidity into the production circuit – comments the Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Gianluca Gallo – means allowing agricultural companies a minimum of serenity in the face of a difficult economic situation which does not spare any sector and puts it in serious difficulty also the agricultural sector”.

In detail, decree no. 154, of the amount of 5,165,746.86 euros and reserved for 186 beneficiaries, refers to surface and structural measures of the RDP: 14 “Animal welfare”; 4.1 “Investments in agricultural companies”; 10 “Agri-climate-environmental payments”; 19.2 “Support for the execution of interventions within the participatory local development strategy”; 8.5 “Support for investments aimed at increasing the resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems”; 8.3 “Support for the prevention of damage caused to forests by fires, natural disasters and catastrophic events”; 11 “Organic agriculture”; 6.4 “Support for investments in the creation and development of non-agricultural activities”; 4.3 “Investments for the management of water resources by agricultural companies”; 6.1 “Help for the start-up of new agricultural businesses run by young farmers”; 7.3 “Support for the installation, improvement and expansion of broadband infrastructure”; 4.2 “Investments in agricultural companies where a young farmer settles”; 8.6 “Support for investments in forestry technologies”; 8.1 “Support for forestation”; 16.2 “Support for pilot projects”; 1.2 “Support for demonstration activities and information actions”. With a separate provision, however, the payment – by way of a Single Application – of the sum of 41,147,214.71 was authorized in favor of 41,549 beneficiaries.

Region: ok to the allocation of 36 million for the salaries of foresters

The Council of the Calabria Region, chaired by the governor Roberto Occhiuto, in today’s meeting, on the proposal of the Councilor for Agriculture, Gianluca Gallo, approved the “Forestation Implementation Plan Year 2023”, with an allocation of 36,300,000 euros which they will be used to pay the last installment of the monthly salary of forestry workers employed by green Calabria, including forestry workers who until a few days ago were employed by the 11 land reclamation consortia.

Furthermore, two measures by Vice President Giusi Pinci were approved.

The first concerns the remodulation of the Pac 7/13 form to use the savings of 300 thousand euros in order to give continuity, in all Calabrian schools and until December, to the “Identification of specific learning disabilities” project. From January onwards, however, to give structural continuity to the project, we will draw on the new Pr 21/27 for which 25 million euros have been allocated.

With the other deliberative act, the annual Stakeholder Engagement Plan on the merits of the smart specialization strategy (S3) 2021/2027 was approved. The Plan establishes the methods and timing of involvement of the same Stakeholders, subjects of the innovation system, who have joined the thematic platforms of S3 2021/2027. It represents an important tool for keeping the process of entrepreneurial discovery always alive and constant, and is aimed at providing input for the implementation of the strategy to be developed with respect to the evolutions of the territorial context.

On the proposal of the councilor for social policies, Emma Staine, the distribution criteria, the methods of use of the resources of the Fund for family policies for the year 2023 and the related adoption of the regional operational plan were decided. The interventions, which will be financed with 1 million and 233 thousand euros of national resources, concern the reorganization of family counseling centers, the strengthening of social initiatives in favor of families and actions aimed at enhancing the Family Centers.

Finally, on the recommendation of the councilor for economic development, Rosario Varì, the calendar of end-of-season winter and summer sales for the year 2024, agreed with the other Italian regions, was approved. Specifically, end-of-winter season sales include the period from 5 January to 5 March 2024; those of the summer season from 6 July to 4 September 2024.

Family policies, Staine: “One million against poverty”

“The family – declared councilor Emma Staine – remains at the center of social policies, planning resources that promote the well-being, support and accompaniment of families with a view to improving their quality of life in all respects. I believe it is necessary to pay close attention where there are minors, because accompanying and taking charge of the entire family unit allows us to overcome difficulties, helping to reduce the risk of poverty and social exclusion”.

This is what the regional councilor for social policies Emma Staine states on the merits of the resolution, approved today by the council on her recommendation, concerning the distribution criteria and methods of use of the resources of the Fund for family policies for the year 2023 and the related adoption of the regional operational plan.

Reorganization of family clinics, strengthening of social initiatives in favor of families and actions aimed at enhancing family centres. These are the interventions that will be financed with national resources which for Calabria amount to 1 and 233 thousand euros, subjecting the disbursement of the Fund to the positive outcome of the verification by the Department for Family Policies on the coherence of the actions programmed.