“Fuck Lazio”, Celtic Glasgow fans: “Let’s make the environment hostile to these far-right hordes”


By John

A nice welcome is not prepared for the Lazio supporters who have decided to follow their team playing tomorrow in Glasgow in the match Champions League against the Celtic. In a long post, entitled “Lazio Vaffa….”, on the social network win to continue to keep our European ambitions alive for the season. The last time we met we beat them both at home and away. On both occasions, the support given to the team saw them through two hard-fought matches. The same effort will be required from the stands on Wednesday.”

«We have a duty not only to accompany our team – it is still written in the post – but also to make our home a hostile environment for Lazio and its far-right hordes. In the absence of traditional support, we encourage fans to bring their colors for the occasion and remind the world – but also our board – why Celtic are not a club like any other.”

Photo taken from the Facebook page “Scottish Football Away Days”