The Calabria Region commissioners 7 Municipalities that have not joined Arrical: here are which ones


By John

There Council of the Calabria Regionin today’s meeting, on the proposal of president Roberto Occhiuto, has appointed the ad acta commissioners in 7 Municipalities that have not yet joined Arrical (Waste and Water Resources Authority).

It’s about Orsomarso, Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte, Badolato, Saracena, Maropati, Lungro and Mottafollone. The commissioners will have the task of adopting the measure to join the Area governing body.

The special legality, anti-racket and anti-usury plan

Then approved, on the recommendation of the councilor for digital transition, security and legality, Filippo Pietropaolo, the special legality, anti-racket and anti-usury plan for the year 2023, prepared annually – as required by the art. 4 of regional law n. 9 of 2018 – by the Regional Council commission against the ‘Ndrangheta.

The Plan contains the measures and actions to combat the spread of illegal phenomena and possible infiltrations into the economic and productive fabric. On the proposal of the councilor for work and professional training, Giovanni Calabrese, the guidelines for the regional system of certification and validation of skills were adopted.

The Calabria Region, as established by art. 23 of regional law n. 25 of 2023, manages the integrated regional skills certification system aimed at the recognition, at national level, of regional qualifications and the implementation of regional learning policies. The qualifications are issued by the Region, through the Regional Agency for active policies and employment services of Calabria, in compliance with the essential performance levels established by current state legislation. The certification is issued by specific commissions, based on compliance with the principles of impartiality, independence and objectivity of the evaluation process.

Finally, following the termination of the mandate of the general director of Arsac, Bruno Maiolo, the Council resolved, on the recommendation of the agriculture councilor Gianluca Gallo, the appointment of the agricultural entrepreneur Fulvia Michela Caligiuri as commissioner of the regional company for the development of agriculture.