Fuscaldo, a cornice of the former Hotel Sangrillà falls: three girls injured


By John

Tree girls were injured when a cornice fell from the former Hotel Sangrillà in Fuscaldo in via Messinette. It is not yet clear what happened and what the two sixteen-year-olds were doing near the facility. Perhaps, as we learned, they were simply playing. They apparently had to go to Fuscaldo for a birthday party. Alerted by those present, a 118 ambulance from Paola hospital arrived on the scene (with Di Bella, Schepisi and Doctor Tranchida on board) who provided initial treatment to the three girls of foreign nationality but both resident in Belvedere Marittimo. For one of the three – who was seriously injured in the head – the intervention of the air ambulance was necessary and took her to the Annunziata in Cosenza. Less serious was another girl who was hit in the leg. The Carabinieri of the Fuscaldo station were also on site to investigate the case.