“Geographies of the heart” Literary Award, the first edition in Rende in collaboration with Il Sileno


By John

Great emotions on Wednesday 5 June, on the occasion of the awards ceremony for some secondary school students who participated in the “Geographies of the Heart” literary competition. The competition was created thanks to the collaboration between the publishing house Il Sileno and the IC Rende Centro and saw the large participation of our children as authors of poems, stories and illustrations.

Numerous guests, including Professor Francesco De Pascale, Editorial Director of the publishing house, Marianna Boero, Professor of philosophy and theory of languages ​​at the Univ. of Teramo, Eugenia Garritani, retired school director, Giovanni Messina, geography researcher at the Univ. of Messina.

But the real protagonists were the students who laid their emotions bare, writing and composing unpublished narrative and poetic pieces, as well as illustrations of great visual impact.

Heartfelt thanks to Prof. Maria Todaro for having connected and supported the “competition project”, to the literature teachers of the Institute, who with great enthusiasm coordinated the creative writing workshops over the course of the year and to the Headmaster Prof. Antonella Gravina who made this new educational experience possible.