Germany condemns the raid conducted by Tehran. Scholz: “Irresponsible and unjustifiable”. The fears of China and France


By John

«The air attack on Israeli territory launched by Iran is irresponsible and unjustifiable», says German Chancellor Olaf Scholz adding that Tehran thus risks causing “a conflagration” in the region. «We are in close contact with Israel and will discuss with our allies», writes Scholz in a post published on his X account. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also “strongly condemned the attack, which has the potential to precipitate a “the entire region is in chaos”. Iran “must stop all this immediately”, declared Baerbock, adding that “all the solidarity” of the German government “goes to Israel at this time”.

China's concern

China says it is deeply concerned after Iran launched missiles and drones into Israel. You did so with a note from the Foreign Ministry in which you ask the parties to avoid an escalation, while at the same time hoping for a resolution of the conflict in Gaza.

The condemnation in Macron's words

«I condemn with the greatest firmness the unprecedented attack launched by Iran against Israel, which threatens to destabilize the region”: the French president, Emmanuel Macron, wrote this in a message published on X, expressing «solidarity with the Israeli people» and underlining “France's link to the security of Israel, our partners and regional stability”.
«France works for de-escalation with its partners and asks for moderation», concludes Macron.

Australia's reaction

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also condemned the launch of dozens of drones and missiles from Iran into Israel and reiterated his country's commitment to supporting security in the Middle East. “Australia condemns Iran's attacks on Israel,” Albanese said in a statement, noting that Iran had ignored calls from Australia and other countries not to carry out “these reckless attacks.” «Anyone who cares about protecting innocent lives must oppose these attacks. The escalation constitutes a serious threat to the security of Israel and the entire region” and increases the risk of “further instability and devastation throughout the Middle East”. Therefore «Australia continues to support regional security, and that of Israel. Iran's failure to comply with international law, its flagrant violations of human rights and its threat to international security” are the reasons why its government has imposed financial sanctions and travel bans on Iran in recent months to 85 people and 97 entities. “Australia will continue to work with the international community to increase pressure on Iran to halt its destabilizing actions and prevent the conflict from spreading.”