Cosenza, democrats sign peace in view of the June elections


By John

Vittorio Pecoraro is dealing with an electorally uncertain future: the European elections and the local elections loom over a Democratic Party that was characterized by strong tensions until a few weeks ago.
The provincial secretary, however, shows a recovered optimism and a newfound calm: «The tensions have subsided in view of the polls and we are all busy waiting laboriously». Pecoraro does not hide the fact that he has recovered the relationship with the regional councilors Mimmo Bevacqua and Franco Iacucci from whom he would have received full support for the composition of the lists.
In Cosenza, meanwhile, the party is dealing with the split in the council of the three councilors Graziadio, Tinto and Trecroci who have formed an autonomous group. The “splitters” will be summoned by the Provincial Guarantee Commission before Sunday. Pecoraro explains: «They will be heard and then the secretary of the city club: the decision on the expulsion request will be taken later».
But let's go back to the elections. Ever closer. In Corigliano Rossano the democrats have dissolved all reservations and are aiming for the reconfirmation of Flavio Stasi, on whom not only civic movements but also the Five Star Movement converge. The leader of M5S, Giuseppe Conte, will be in the Ionian city next Sunday.
Francesca Reda, city secretary of the party and long in opposition during the Palermo mayoralty, takes to the field in Mendicino. In Montalto, the Democratic Party, after having sided with Formoso (who later withdrew), now supports Mauro D'Acri with a civic list, a moderate who had been delegated to Agriculture during the regional governorship of Mario Oliverio. In Mirto Crosia the Democrats instead launch the group leader in the city council, Maria Teresa Aiello, into the competition for the conquest of the seat of mayor. The situation is more uncertain in Trebisacce, Morano and Villapiana where the democrats have not fully defined their position.