Giorgia Meloni: “The helmet? I have it, I even sleep in it. From here to the European Championships, anything will happen”


By John

«The helmet? I have it, I even sleep in it. I also sleep there because we're seeing a bit of everything.”

The prime minister said it Giorgia Meloni, guest of Dritto e rovescio, on Rete4. «When we won the elections our opponents bet that we would fail. They bet on our divisions, then it was seen that the center-right is compact – he added -. They bet that we would be isolated on an international level, and Italy is as central as ever. They bet that we would destroy the Pnrr but Italy is first in terms of achievement. A resentful, somewhat spiteful nature of our opponents is emerging, which makes me imagine that a bit of everything will happen between now and the European Championships. But the only thing that worries me is the consent of the citizens”