Giorgia Meloni: “The Pnrr resources for farmers increase to 8 billion”


By John

“The Pnrr resources dedicated to the world of farmers rise to 8 billion euros”. The prime minister says so Giorgia Meloni to Catania.

Meloni is visiting the 3Sun Gigafactory, the so-called ‘sun factory’ of the Enel group which is expected to become, by 2024, the largest in Europe for the production of very high performance photovoltaic panels, with a production capacity of 3GW per year and a unique technology in the world.

She was welcomed by the CEO of Enel, Flavio Cattaneo. Also present are the ministers Nello Musumeci and Raffaele Fitto, the governor Renato Schifani, the president of the Ars Gaetano Galvagno, the mayor Enrico Trantino and the prefect Maria Carmela Librizzi.

The Zes

According to Meloni, the special economy zone strengthens the South. The Prime Minister said that she does not want a South that lives on subsidies, but that she has the tools to fight on equal terms. It is necessary – as you underlined – to overcome this gap in the South with these tools.

“In Italy we stop not spending resources that are available, every single euro must reach the ground to solve citizens’ problems. We complain that there are not enough resources, but there is another problem: sometimes the resources are not spent “, Meloni said again in his speech.

The development and cohesion agreement with Sicily

“We are working with Schifani and in a few weeks we will present the development and cohesion agreement with Sicily, which will be among the most relevant from a financial point of view, also here for strategic works”, the Prime Minister underlined how it is “very It is important that an industrial center like this, which makes us the flagship of Europe, is born in Sicily, in Catania”. And this, she observed, “is part of a precise government strategy”.