Giulia Tringali from Messina on the Baglioni tour: an “Atuttocuore” adventure


By John

A daydream for the Messina Giulia Tringali, born in 1996, who defines herself in three adjectives as determined, loyal and enterprising. You recently received a call that you will never forget: in fact, you were chosen to be part of the artistic cast for the tour of Claudio Baglioni “Atuttocuore”.
Giulia is a multifaceted artist. She took her first steps with dance at the age of 4, followed for 16 years at a professional level by school “Dance Project” directed by teacher Sofia Zanardi and studying singing at the “Gma” and she performed as a singer and dancer and was appreciated in various shows and theaters in the city. After graduating from high school, he bought a ticket for the capital to attend the two-year course at the “Ctc-Casa del Teatro e del Cinema” Academy, run by Claudio Insegno. In 2018 he participated as a “stuntman” in the film “Blessed Virgin” directed by Paul Verhoeven. In 2021 he graduated from the Aidm-International Academy of Musical, directed by Enrico Sortinothanks to which he perfected a complete artistic preparation.
And it is precisely among the artists of the renowned Academy that the director Giuliano Peparini selected the 28 “performer” choristers and wanted them on stage with the great Baglioni. Curated by Enrico Sortino, directed by the maestro Francesco Di Nicolawith the musical direction of Tommaso Vittorini, they take on the role and interventions of a Greek tragedy choir on stage, mixing with dancers and “performers” in wonderful choreographies that recall the theatrical productions of the great operas.
«It is truly a very exciting and certainly unexpected experience – Giulia Tringali tells the “Gazzetta” –, working with an artist like Claudio Baglioni, who I started listening to as a child, is an honor, as well as being a unique opportunity. And being directed by a genius like Giuliano Peparini has always been a secret dream that today I can say I have achieved. I’m really happy to be part of this cast with dancers, great “performers” and musicians in an incredible show, and I thank Enrico Sortino for giving me this opportunity.”
The rock opera show of Claudio Baglioni it is an inspired, visionary, vital, overwhelming project, conceived, designed and created with Giuliano Peparini, who takes care of its artistic direction and theatrical direction. And the viewer will enjoy three and a quarter hours of total art that revolves around the immortal songs of the Roman singer-songwriter. A fantastic show that involves, as the most successful singer-songwriter and musician in Italian music said, many people, the 101 Dalmatians which with Baglioni reach 102: 21 musicians, 58 “performers”, 28 young choristers and the energy and vitality is also transmitted to those who are more experienced. Objective? Telling a public story through songs but there is a timeless substratum that goes towards a possible or probable future and a past that comes from afar. Baglioni’s tour began on September 21st in Rome at the Foro Italico. And it will continue at the Verona Arena and at the Paolo Borsellino Velodrome in Palermo. To end at the Arena della Vittoria in Bari.
And there are many desires of the talented young woman who is living this wonderful experience: “Without a doubt I would like – she concludes – to live from this: from music and entertainment”. And she will definitely do it with all her heart.