Green light for the separation of magistrates' careers, the Council of Ministers approves the reform


By John

Green light for the separation of magistrates' careers in the Council of Ministers: as far as we know, the constitutional bill regarding the jurisdictional system and the establishment of the Disciplinary Court has been approved. The approval, as it is explained, was greeted with applause.

«This epochal provision is based on three fundamental principles: the first is the separation of careers, which implements the fundamental principle of the accusatory process wanted by Vassalli, the others are the composition and election of the CSM». So did the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, at a press conference. «The second point of the reform is the composition and election of the Superior Council of the Judiciary: this self-governing body of the judiciary in recent years, not only according to me or other representatives of the majority but of many magistrates, has not given a good account of itself and scandals like those of Palamara or others have excited various protests” which have not led to “remedies to those of current degeneration. Breaking this link” which “led to a whole series of anomalies was our main task, through the draw”.

With the ANM «the discussion is and must always be open, we accept criticism, they are the salt of democracy, we accept contributions and suggestions but they too must accept a fundamental principle that the popular will is sacred and is expressed through elections. And if we are given a mandate to separate careers, we obey the sovereignty that belongs to the people, according to what is written in the Constitution.”

Melons: conservation forces against us, we are not afraid

The separation of careers «is a fair, necessary, historic reform. And it adds to the other reforms that this government has already launched, such as tax reform and institutional reform. We will continue like this, because in this nation the things that don't work well must be changed. And the more we try to change them, the more the forces of conservation will move against us. But we are not afraid, we are here to do what needs to be done and at the end of this work the citizens will judge us.” Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a video message after the launch of the reform in the CDM.