He attacks his wife in San Giovanni in Fiore: a 35-year-old arrested


By John

He attacks his wife, who ends up in hospital. In San Giovanni in Fiore, in the province of Cosenza, the Carabinieri of the Company of Cosenza have A 35-year-old man arrested in flagrante delicto for mistreatment of his cohabiting wife.

The soldiers of the Carabinieri Station of San Giovanni in Fiore intervened promptly when the woman asked for help through the Operations Center of the Cosenza Company. Once they arrived on site, they spotted the man, near his house, intent on walking away.

According to what emerged from the investigations, the woman, found in a clear state of agitation, had shortly before been offended and attacked by her husband, so much so that she had to go to hospital for treatment. From an initial reconstruction, the investigators ascertained that it was not the first time that she had suffered similar violence and harassment. The 35-year-old was arrested for domestic abuse.