Lamezia, request for special surveillance for Perri entrepreneurs rejected


By John

The Prevention Measures section of the Court of Appeal of Catanzaro confirmed the order with which the Court, last September, had rejected the request for application of the special surveillance measure towards the brothers Francesco, Marcello and Pasqualino Perri, entrepreneurs in the commercial sector, rejecting the appeal that had been presented by the DDA. At the same time the judges have rejected the request for confiscation of the assets of the Perri brothers, which includes, among other things, the «Due Mari» shopping center, one of the largest in Calabria, and a series of companies. The panel that took the decision was chaired by Antonio Battagliawith on the side Abigail Mellace And Paola Ciriacor. Francesco Perri was defended by a pool of lawyers made up of Salvatore Staiano, Marta Staiano, Aldo Ferraro, Vincenzo Cicino and Livio Muscatiellowhile the defenders of Pasqualino Perri and Marcello Perri were, respectively, the lawyers Francesco Gambardella and Michele Cerminara. In October 2022, among other things, the Court of Lamezia Terme acquitted Francesco Perri, for not having committed the crime, of the accusation of having been a participant in the Iannazzo gang of the 'Ndrangheta.