He had caused a road accident in Reggio and had fled, tracked down and reported by the local police


By John

On the evening of October 27th on Viale Zerbi a vehicle had violently impacted a traffic island, knocking down road signs and public lighting poles. Following a painstaking and meticulous investigation, it was ascertained that what might have seemed like yet another autonomous accident was actually caused by a car that had made a hasty escape. The protagonist of the crazy race was a twenty-seven-year-old from Reggio who, after causing the accident during a reckless overtaking manoeuvre, instead of stopping and providing assistance, disappeared in a southerly direction. Despite the late hour, thanks to a meticulous analysis of the cameras of the municipal video surveillance system, the time line of the fugitive was traced who, after having traveled along the entire seafront and having parked help in the temple area to check the damage, reached the site of the accident by disguising himself among the crowd of onlookers who had gathered at the scene of the accident. The driver of the vehicle hit fortunately suffered only minor injuries. After being identified, the twenty-seven year old was accompanied to the Viale Aldo Moro headquarters to be interrogated and at the end of the investigative activities he was unable to do anything other than admit his responsibilities. He was reported for escape and failure to help resulting in the withdrawal of his driving license. The proceeding is still in the investigation phase and the responsibilities hypothesized by the judicial police will have to be examined and validated by the judicial authority.