He “steals” the cup and yanks the referee, daspo to manager of Fortitudo Messina


By John

On 6 May 2023, on the occasion of the basketball match “Fortitudo Messina – Next Casa Barcellona” held at the municipal sports hall “Pala-Russello” in Messina, as a match valid for the play-off final of the basketball championship series ” C Gold“, an executive of the basketball team “Fortitudo Messina”, after having invaded the field interrupting a game action, he picked up the trophy that had to be given to the winning team, placed on a table on the sideline, running towards the match judge. After reaching him, the same yanked the referee conspicuously by the shirt simulating hitting him with the cup in his possession, at the same time uttering threatening sentences towards him.
From the subsequent investigative activity of the DIGOS supporters team of the Messina Police Headquarters, the sports manager was referred to the competent authority for violation of art. 612 c.2 cp (Serious threats) and art 6 bis comma 2 of Law 13 December 1989 n.401 (Throwing of dangerous material, climbing over and pitch invasion during sporting events).
On 18 August 2023, for the facts indicated above, the Police Headquarters of the Province of Messina, on the proposal of the Anti-Crime Division of the Police Headquarters which oversaw the investigation, issued the DASpo provision against him (Prohibition of access to sporting events) for the duration of 2 years.