Healthcare in Cetraro, the birth center fuels the discussion


By John

The issue of the birth center continues to be discussed in the town, the reopening of which was, as is known, ordered – within 180 days and after the implementation of a precise timetable – with an ad hoc regional decree published last Saturday.
Mayor, Ermanno Cennamoreached by telephone, expressed satisfaction and thanked the president Roberto Occhiuto for their efforts in this regard. While the opposition considers this satisfaction to be inappropriate, going so far as to ask for the resignation of the mayor himself and his majority, especially in light of the additional waiting times and what they consider to be an erroneous reading of the decree.
Second, however, is the “Cetraro in Action” group, represented by the city councilor and former mayor Giuseppe Aieta, the municipal administrators «continue to mistake fireflies for lanterns, not having read the decree. The decree – we read in a note – is nothing more than a flogging towards the ASP of Cosenza, which continues to waste time at the birth center”.