Heavy threats on the facade of a building: “Salvini must die”. Solidarity of politics towards the minister


By John

The facade of a building with the writing “Salvini must die”. The deputy prime minister and secretary of the League Matteo Salvini posted a photo with death threats on his social networks. “On Saturday – wrote Salvini – we will demonstrate in Milan to defend Western values ​​and censor any form of violence and anti-Semitism. Anyone who thinks they can scare us, like some baby gang who threatened me with death by defacing a building in my city, yes he’s totally wrong. I feel sorry for the owners of the property: I hope that the idiots are identified and punished by having the writings cleaned up. Go ahead, without fear and with a smile.”

Solidarity was expressed to Salvini by the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, by the presidents of the Lombardy Region and the Veneto Region, Attilio Fontana and Luca Zaia, and by numerous political representatives.