Hectares of Mediterranean scrub on the Tyrrhenian hills of Cosenza are on fire. Nocturnal fires in Falerna and Amantea


By John

The hills of the small towns that climb the Paolan Apennines are burning. Hectares and hectares of Mediterranean scrub are on fire. These are difficult times for the fires that are breaking out on multiple fronts. The flames give no respite. Since yesterday evening there has been a succession of interventions by the teams responsible for extinguishing the fire. The tongues of fire affected, among other things, the municipalities of Aiello Calabro, Lago, San Pietro in Amantea and San Lucido. In addition to the Fire Brigade, Calabria Verde in particular is in action. Until dawn this morning, the Grisolia fire also caused concern. Land hills also burned in Belvedere and Sangineto.
The mayor of Aiello Calabro, Luca Lepore, he is worried: “There are no words to describe everything that is happening in our territory in these hours.” The mayor asks for greater controls.
The flames have caused concern to Grisolia as they affected the road that connects the railway station and the town, threatening several homes. Some trees have fallen onto the road, compromising traffic. Some power line pylons were also on fire.
However, it was not only the mountains that burned, but also the expanses of fields and the tall grass that grew alongside the edges of the peripheral roads. Today, a clear vision on the conservation of the forest and hilly heritage is still missing.

In the evening, high flames also occurred between Amantea and Falerna.

Fire in Amantea

Complicated situation also in Falerna