“I am among Berlusconi’s heirs”, the entrepreneur Marco Di Nunzio investigated for the alleged will signed by the Knight in Colombia


By John

He claims to be among Silvio Berlusconi’s heirs because of a will signed by the Knight in Colombia just over two years ago. However, the Milan Prosecutor’s Office believes that this will has been falsified and has therefore taken steps to register anyone who claims to be able to collect a considerable fortune in the register of suspects. The protagonist of the case, which has come to the forefront of judicial news, is thePiedmontese entrepreneur Marco Di Nunzio at the center of an investigation that the prosecutor Roberta Amadeo and the prosecutor Marcello Viola opened shortly before the official opening of the will of the leader of Forza Italia who passed away last June 12th. The investigation was started by a report from the then Italian ambassador to Bogotà, Gherardo Amaduzzi, dated 22 June and which ended up on the prosecutor Viola’s desk 6 days later.

The diplomat informed the Milanese judiciary that Di Nunzio had sent him a warning in his will. In essence he had requested the publication in Italy of the will, according to him, signed by the former prime minister in Cartagena in front of Margarita Rosa Jimenez Najera on 21 September 2021 and apostilled by the Chancellery of the Colombian Foreign Ministry. The entrepreneur, who resides in the South American country, claimed, and still claims, to be the recipient of a considerable fortune by virtue of a bond of friendship with the former prime minister. So much so that in 2013 he ran for president of the Lombardy Region with the “Bunga Bunga Movement” list, later excluded from the Court of Appeal commission due to alleged irregularities in the signatures which resulted in an investigation.

Based on that act, also publicized in the media, Di Nunzio claims that Berlusconi would have designated him among his heirs: according to him, he would have left him 2% of the shares of Fininvest, 20 million euros for his promotion activity of FI, another 6 without a reason, all the shares of the company that owns the villas in Antigua, the ship «Principessa VaiVia» and also the other boats. Furthermore, the investigations reconstruct, the 55-year-old entrepreneur attempted, without results, to have that will published in Milan, insisting through the notary association and the notary of the Berlusconi family, now the injured party.

A move repeated until last October 3rd when it was deposited and published at a notary’s office in Naples. Assisted by a general attorney, the lawyer Erich Grimaldi, Di Nunzio formalized a warning to Berlusconi’s five children with which he requested the immediate entry into possession of the assets. Now investigators are shedding light on the mystery of the Knight’s second will: in the meantime they have started a letter rogatory overseas to recover the original of that document on which, then, to carry out a consultancy and they are also evaluating whether to charge the self-styled heir with the crimes of fraud and attempted extortion, after he essentially stated in a television interview that he could have also settled for a settlement. Berlusconi’s family are convinced that it is a fake: not only, through their lawyers, have they made it known that the Knight was not in Colombia in September two years ago but also that he never met Mr. Di Nunzio.