Municipal elections in Corigliano Rossano: the center-right converges on Straface


By John

The Democratic Party of Corigliano Rossanowhich had taken the initiative to bring together the centre-left forces to verify the possibility of creating a broad coalition to oppose the centre-right in view of the spring local elections, must deal with internal divisions and the mistrust of 10 registered managers towards the political line of the city secretary Franco Madeo. An event that creates many problems within the center-left in the formation of the coalition that will have to participate in next spring’s local elections.
On the contrary, with last Saturday’s convention held in the city at the highest regional levels and with the highest local representatives in Parliament, the centre-right intended to demonstrate and underline the unity of the right-wing forces and the moderate center (Brothers of Italy, Forza Italia , Lega and We Moderates) and “chart the main road towards the 2024 administrative elections”. A declaration that implies the takeover of the municipality of Corigliano Rossano and which gave the impression to the large audience present within that assembly that there was already a candidate to oppose the outgoing mayor Flavio Stasi. The candidate, according to unanimous opinion, was seen in the regional councilor of Forza Italia, Pasqualina Straface. For many, the same speech given at the convention would be attributable to that of a real candidate for the office of mayor. In fact, Straface forcefully reiterated that “the centre-right has the duty to give authoritative guidance to the city”. He underlined that, since the centre-right is “the national, regional and provincial government force, this means that people have recognized and continue to recognize our ability to face and solve problems”.