Illegal pharmacy seized in Gioia Tauro. Fentanyl and morphine were also “dealt” inside


By John

An activity that should have only been a “solidarity” pharmaceutical counter for the most needy people and instead inside there were also numerous drugs subject to medical prescription, as well as numerous packages of other drugs which, although not subject to prescription, require the mandatory presence of a doctor to be delivered to the applicants .

The discovery was made by the soldiers of the Gioia Tauro Carabinieri Station carrying out a targeted control service.
Furthermore, although subject to the obligation of the so-called “special recipe”, the military found other packages of drugs that could be classified as narcotic substances, in particular fentanyl and morphine.

Medicines subject to special medical prescription are those for which the consolidated law on narcotics and the provisions of the Ministry of Health provide for very specific obligations, both on doctors and on pharmacies, which normally hold such medicines in protected cabinets.

Lastly, during the check, it was also found thatillegal connection to electricity via a flying cable which was directly attached to the ENEL junction box.

The presence of prescription medicines and the absence of a doctor for delivery qualify the business as a real pharmacy which, following checks, was found to lack any authorization.
All the drugs were seized and the entire premises were sealed by the soldiers of Gioia, who will delve into the origins of certain medicines.
Two people present at the time of the check were reported in a state of freedom to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Palmi because they were accused of abusive practice of the medical profession, violations of the consolidated law on health matters (and subsequent laws) and violation of the consolidated law on narcotics.