Fear at the celebrations of San Francesco di Paola, sixteen-year-old thrown off a carousel: rushed to hospital


By John

The 16-year-old who was thrown from a carousel at the Paola amusement park last night, during the last day of the celebrations in honor of Saint Francis, is doing better. The incident occurred after 11pm in front of numerous young people and many people who were on the seafront. The girl was first helped by a 118 ambulance and then rushed to the health center.

From what has been learned, the girl had gone on the rides together with some friends when – for reasons currently under investigation – she fell under the mechanical arm. According to the story of the people present, the little girl ended up on the iron grates and was rescued by some young people present. But then she lost consciousness and for this reason the intervention of 118 was necessary. The ambulance arrived running, making space among the crowd.

The police from the local police station and the carabinieri from Paola's company arrived on site to investigate the case and to verify whether the causes can be attributed to the carousel. The police also took steps to escort the ambulance with the 16-year-old to the hospital.