Imu, Tari and Irpef rates to the attention of the Paola municipal council


By John

Week of passion for the municipal administration. We are preparing to approve the 2024-2026 budget forecast early. The meeting was convened by the prime minister, Mattia Marzullofor March 28th at 9am. Among other things, in addition to the accounting tool, the Imu and Tari rates, as well as the additional Irpef and the single property fee, must be approved.
While waiting for the civic assembly, it emerges in any case that nThere will be no tax increases and the 2023 rates are confirmed. Furthermore, the reduction in expenses as per the rebalancing plan is also confirmed and the deficit will not increase. The meeting will also have to deal with the project finance proposal “concession for management and maintenance activities, electricity supply”. Among other things, also the design and execution of redevelopment interventions aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of public lighting systems and implementation of the smart city service. In this regard, it must be said that the project will allow the municipality to save 120 thousand euros per year for 20 years.
We will also discuss the plan for real estate disposals and valorizations.