In Catanzaro Volpe, Compagnon and Ianesi: a trio to take flight and not only…


By John

Catanzaro has at least three moves in the pipeline and is counting on closing the fourth and fifth signings soon. On Saturday, the Giallorossi practically finalized the signing of the offensive winger John Foxbut there are two more elements on the home straight: one is Mattia Compagnonthe second is Simone Ianesi. They are all three wingers and this already gives us an idea of ​​the formation that a team will have, very probably, oriented towards the 4-2-3-1 that coach Caserta has used in recent seasons.
The similar role, even if not identical based on the starting positions, is not the only aspect that unites the trio, very close also in terms of anagraphic issues.
Volpe is a 2002 who has worked hard for five consecutive seasons in Serie C, in Potenza: about 130 appearances and eleven goals, five of which in the last tournament, well beyond the first among professionals (in 2020) against Catanzaro. Whether the Neapolitan is ready for Serie B remains to be seen, but he has yet to turn 22 (in five days) and has accumulated a fair amount of experience on the lower level. That can happen.
Compagnon, born in 2001, certainly has the experience among the cadets with the richest pedigree of the three: Udinese and Juventus youth teams, still a player of the Old Lady who loaned him to Feralpisalò last season, allowing him – in fact – to explode: 29 games and five goals, one against Catanzaro. The boy is among the most followed in Serie B, but the Giallorossi seem to have moved in time and have an excellent chance of bringing him to “Ceravolo” (on loan?) within a few days. Work with his agent has been going on for days, relations with Juve are good, the competition should be burned (including Bari).
Ianesi, another left winger born in 2002 who scored seven goals in 38 games with Pontedera in the previous Serie C: Simone, who grew up in the Udinese youth team, was blocked by the Aquile.

The fourth reinforcement is less obvious than the others, but the sporting director Polito is working hard on it because he knows him well: he is the full-back – both left and right – Mehdi Dorvalleaving Bari where Polito brought him in 2022, fishing him from Cerignola who had just won the Serie D championship. The Algerian born in Paris was one of the best in Puglia last year, but he is not destined to stay and Catanzaro is thinking seriously about it. Just as they are thinking concretely about the starting goalkeeper for next season: in addition to Mirko Pigliacelli and Gianmarco Vannucchi the name of appears in the list Semuel Pizzignacco, the youngest of the three who defended the Feralpisalo goal.

For the attack, in addition to Peter Mendes that Ascoli values ​​at almost three million euros and could sell for a figure close to two and a half, is also liked Philip Pittarello of the Citadel.

Among the outgoing players, however, neither the winger Mario Situm nor the centre-back Nicolò Brighenti should appear, theoretically destined to stay for at least another season (the club would like it this way).

A substantial reinforcement is also on the way for the Spring: it is the 2005 Umberto Morleoleft back last year on loan from Juventus to Trapani.