In Lamezia Terme standing ovation for “The Nutcracker” by the Russian Classical Ballet


By John

There are ballets that, regardless of age, occupy a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate their delicacy and their message of dreams and reality. This is the case of “The Nutcracker”the everlasting magic of a fairy tale that, last night in Grandinetti Municipal Theater of Lamezia Termethanks to the performance of Russian Classical BalletOfFly, gave a palpable thrill of excitement. The event, organized by LOVE Calabria is financed with 2014/2020 CAP resources provided pursuant to the Public Notice “Cultural promotion events” issued by the Calabria Region – Department of Education, Training and Equal Opportunities – Culture Sector”.

The music, the steps, the costumes, the scenography of the opera set to music by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky they belong to the collective imagination and to the desire to return to children generated by climax of the story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” OfErnst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmannand the less violent version “The Story of a Nutcracker” Of Alexander Dumas father. An opera to which Tchaikovsky’s sublime score has given eternal life.

In the theater packed in order of seats, different generations were united by the same enthusiasm. The wait to witness a sumptuous show was fully repaid. Parents and children experienced the same sensations and emotions, underlined by long applause. Credit goes to the simple yet engaging story and the passionate and vibrant music. A combination made even brighter by performance of the Russian Classical Balletwhich re-proposed the choreographies of Marius Petipamade by Lev Ivanovhis assistant.

In the absolute darkness of the audience, the notes of the “Overture” began the first act with a cheerful narration of a party on Christmas Eve, organized by the wealthy Stahlbaum family. It all takes place in a sumptuous hall, in which there is a gigantic Christmas tree in the background. Young Clara (Irina Sapozhnikova) participate cheerfully tothe dances and celebrations with the other guests.

The party is interrupted by the initially disturbing presence of Drosselmeyer who has given Clara a toy soldier in the shape of a Nutcracker. The girl’s uncle himself later gave life, in the form of dolls, to Harlequin, Colombina, the Soldier and, of course, the Nutcracker himself.

The second act is set in the Kingdom of Sweets where Clara and her Nutcracker, returned to his human form as Drosselmeyer’s nephew, Hans-Peter (Ilnur Gaifullin), following the battle with an army of giant mice, which concluded the first part, they have fun and take part in a series of divertissements, before reaching the climax of the ballet, the Grand Pas de Deux starring the Sugar Plum Fairy, again played by Irina Sapozhnikova and the Prince.

Although the story itself is about Clara and Hans-Peter, the climax of the ballet is always theGrand Pas De Deux, which takes place in the Sweet Kingdom. It combines pure classicism and majestic royalty with romance and emotion, a moment that exudes classical perfection. Both dancers performed flawlessly, making light of the complicated work of the choreography and at the same time owning the roles with a regal stage presence. It was a touching performance between the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Prince; a dance divided into four parts in which the two protagonists, initially in a duet, follow up with a solo each until they finally reunite again.

Irina Sapozhnikova, in both roles she was delicate and elegant, absolute master of the scene thanks to her facial expressions, which fully conveyed every feeling. The dancer was joined fluidly and expressively by Ilnur Gaifullin, in the guise of the Prince. A perfect partner with whom she showed great harmony and managed the triple turns with great confidence, as if they were born to dance together. The ending of Grand Pas de Deux was greeted by the audience with enthusiastic applause.

But the greatness of this version of “The Nutcracker” it cannot be attributed only to the two protagonists. It is the entire Company that makes an important contribution to the entire show, especially when with the entertainment of the second act they show off their natural talent.

Their final contagious joy has given way to Alexander Gorsky’s version in which Clara wakes up holding her nutcracker soldier close to her, taking her far from the dream she experienced. A conclusion welcomed with great warmth by the audience who gave all the dancers a long standing ovation.

The theater review of LOVE Calabria will continue with a new exciting appointment. Thursday 25 Januaryat 9.00pmto the Catanzaro Municipal Theater will be on stage “The Legend of Belle and the Beast: The Musical”with Diletta Belleri, Emanuele Galimberti, Manuel Diodato, Elisa Priano, Alessio Bendoni, Federico Della Sala, Maria Fanelli, Christian Peroni And Michele Iuliano. In nineteenth-century France, the soundtracks intertwine in a show full of surprises, for two hours of magic where it is impossible to distinguish reality from imagination.