In Paola the accounting situation is increasingly difficult


By John

The time is almost ripe to proceed with the drafting of the rebalancing plan. The collapse was avoided in the last municipal council now it will be necessary to define how to effectively cover the passive mass. After the approval from the council, the document must be brought to the attention of the city council for a vote by November. It is not excluded that the results of the latest judgments before the justice of the peace (on taxes) in which the losing organization will also have to be taken into consideration. In effect, it is a question of verifying how much the situation can impact the budget in economic terms.
But the political issue that the majority is going through should also be addressed as soon as possible. The new councilor who should take the place of the resigning one has not yet been appointed Barbara Sciammarella. So far the requests of the main contender for the position in the council – the city councilor Marilena Focetola – have all been fulfilled. There was no intention to approve one of the two proposed names. There was also resistance from the majority itself.