In the throes of a fit he attacks a doctor and smashes everything: fear and devastation in the Corigliano emergency room

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By John

Medical personnel injured and emergency room out of order. These are the consequences of one night of violence which occurred in the emergency room of the Corigliano hospital where a drug addict destroyed all the premises of the operational unit whose services have now been suspended. According to what has been learned, the man vented his uncontrolled anger against the doctor on duty, as well as the nurses and the social care worker. Crazy gestures, with the patient in the throes of a fit he threw a stretcher against the wall and broke down a door. Not happy, he then headed towards the elevators, hitting the entrance doors and breaking them and also breaking a glass window. Every corner of the emergency room was turned upside down, where even the PCs were destroyed. The man was arrested by the police.