In Vibo the 5 Star Movement is toying with the idea of ​​disapproving the mayor Limardo


By John

Things are stirring again in the city council. Coinciding with the last month of the year and with the arrival of the last delicate practices of the centre-right council and above all, Maria Limardo, new threatening clouds appear on the horizon for the majority.
In recent days, the idea of ​​presenting a motion of no confidence which had become very concrete at the end of the summer, after the reshuffle in the executive with the defenestration of Città Futura, has become relevant again. The possibility is being raised again in many quarters that the first town could be stopped prematurely, perhaps after the approval of all those budgetary procedures, aimed at guaranteeing the functioning of the administrative machine for a few months.
A bit like what happened with Elio Costa, “distrusted” by the councilors of the former majority who resigned en masse in January 2019. Well, the motion of no confidence, in this case, would originate from the Five Star Movement but it cannot be ruled out that, before it even reaches completion, it is adopted with the usual adjustments by the other opposition forces. However, there is a sort of tacticalism that seems to prevail in this phase.