Inclusion allowance: over half of the subsidy paid in Sicily and Campania


By John

Over half of the inclusion allowances paid at the end of January (287,704 applications accepted overall out of 446,256 applications processed) were allocated to families residing in Campania and Sicily, or 154,666 equal to 53.76% of the total. This emerges from an INPS table on the regional subdivision of the allowance introduced from 2024 to replace the citizen’s income for families in difficulty with elderly people, minors, disabled people or an established situation of need. In Campania 83,355 ADI cards were issued while in Sicily there were 71,311. The population of these two regions represents 17.67% of Italy.

From the table it can be seen that in the South and on the Islands, a total of 224,461 allowances were paid with 78.02% of the total, a percentage that exceeds that of the citizen’s income which in the November 2023 allowances had reached 65.59% with allowances to 540,296 families out of 823,695 in the entire country. In practice, more than three out of four inclusion allowances among the first paid are destined for the South compared to one in three for the Rdc. Approximately one application in four of those already processed was rejected due to lack of requirements but the Government nevertheless hypothesized a fully operational population of approximately 700 thousand families who could be recipients of the measure. In Lombardy, with almost 10 million inhabitants (9,976,509) and 16.91% of the Italian population, only 12,304 checks were paid, equal to 4.28% of the total. In the entire North, 33,261 inclusion checks arrived in the first round, accounting for 11.56% of the total, while in the Centre, 29,982 inclusion checks arrived, equal to 10.42% of the total. The region with the fewest ADI cards is Val d’Aosta with just 135 checks followed by Trentino Alto Adige with 201. The regions with the most ADI after Campania (83,355) and Sicily (71,311) are Puglia with 27,628 and Lazio with 21,246. The average payment to the first 287 thousand families was 645 euros per household. You have until January 31st to submit requests for the inclusion allowance which, once the preventive checks have been passed and the digital activation agreement has been signed, will be paid as early as February 15th. Applicants who sign up for the Pad by January 31st will also be entitled to payment of the January monthly payment.