Israel has a plan to evacuate civilians from conflict zones ahead of the Rafah offensive. The Palestinian government resigns


By John

The Israeli army has presented a plan for the evacuation of the civilian population from the “combat zones” of the Gaza Strip. This was announced by the services of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The announcement precedes the expected Israeli offensive in Rafah, the crowded town in the south of the Palestinian territory which has been presented by Netanyahu as “the last bastion” of the Islamist movement Hamas. The Palestinian government instead submitted its resignation to the president of the PNA, Abu Mazen. This was announced by Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, specifying that this decision came in particular “in light of the developments linked to the aggression against Gaza”.

Meanwhile, the draft of a agreement in principle for a temporary truce and the release of the hostages, reached in Paris, falls within Israel’s parameters but Hamas’ response is still awaited. This was stated by Israeli minister Gideo Sàar, suggesting that we “wait patiently”. «What was presented in Paris falls within our red lines, but there must be a partner», he reiterated.
The talks with the participation of Egypt, Qatar and the USA continue in Doha together with an Israeli delegation and representatives of Hamas.

The Israeli war cabinet also approved the entry of humanitarian aid directly to the north of the Gaza Strip to avoid the looting of convoys. This was reported by Haaretz, recalling that at the moment the trucks enter the Palestinian enclave through the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings in the southern part of the Strip and are struggling to head north.

While the Israeli army is continuing operations both in the north and in the center of the Strip (“more than 30 Hamas terrorists were killed” in clashes in Zeitun, in the north of the Strip. Another 10 were killed in the center,” said the military spokesman), a man set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington shouting “stop genocide”

It would be a soldier of the US Air Force. This was reported by the New York Post, according to which the man in uniform said before setting the flames that he “no longer wants to be an accomplice to the genocide in Gaza. This is an extreme act of protest. Free Palestine”. The man is hospitalized in critical condition. When firefighters arrived, the flames had already been put out by members of the US Security Services.
The episode occurred at number 3500 International Drive Northwest, the heart of the ‘diplomatic’ district of the capital. When he approached the entrance to the embassy, ​​the security guards asked him if he needed anything, but at a certain point the man set himself on fire. The images of the protester engulfed in flames were published on Twitch.