Israel warns: ‘No truce during hostage negotiations.’ Al-Jazeera: “Heavy night of bombing in Gaza”


By John

The sparks of war in Gaza they risk fueling the worst possible fire: a direct conflict between Iran and Israel. The cross threats are multiplying in view of the imminent ground operation of the Israeli army in Gaza but also of the growing clash in northern Israel with the Hezbollah Scythians, Tehran’s iron allies.

Israel, the number of hostages held by Hamas rises to 222

The number of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza has risen to 222. Military spokesman Daniel Hagari said this according to which “the overall number is updated from time to time based on intelligence information”. “In particular,” he added, “it took time because among the hostages there were quite a few foreign citizens and their identification required additional time.”

Israel, “no truce during hostage negotiations”

There will be “no ceasefire” in Gaza while USA And Qatar they are working to free the over 200 hostages held by Hamas in the besieged enclave: an Israeli army spokesperson, Jonathan Conricus, told CNN. The official said they were “not aware” of US calls for a postponement of Israel’s planned ground operation in Gaza, adding that both Israel and the US want all hostages to be released “as quickly as possible.” . “Humanitarian efforts cannot be allowed to impact the mission to dismantle Hamas,” he stressed.

Madrid pushes for an international peace conference

“We must have the strength to promote an international peace conference that leads to the creation of a Palestinian state.” This was stated by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albaresarriving in Luxembourg (Spain holds the rotating presidency of the EU). “The EU must speak with one voice and we must condemn both the violence of Hamas and the attacks on the civilian population of Gaza,” she added. “This is the time for a truce: for the violence to stop and to look forward.”

Clashes in the West Bank, two Palestinians killed

Two Palestinians died and four were injured in violent clashes with the Israeli army in the Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah in West Bank. This was announced, quoted by Wafa, by the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) which identified the two dead as Mahmoud Saif Al -Tarish Nakhla and Muhammad Nidal Alyan, killed “by bullets”.

Israel, terror cell hit in southern Lebanon

Tension remains high on the border with the Lebanon. The Israeli army said it hit a terrorist cell in Lebanese territory and destroyed a rocket launch site. According to the spokesperson, the cell was planning to carry out an attack on the Israeli town of Shlomi

Biden and allies: “Israel defends itself, respects international law”

US President Joe Biden and the leaders of France, Great Britain, Germany And Italy they reiterated “their support for Israel and its right to defend itself from terrorism and called for respect for international law, including the protection of civilians”. The White House reports this in a note on the conversation between the American president and Rishi Sunak, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Giorgia Meloni. The leaders welcomed the announcement of the first humanitarian convoys to Gaza and called for the immediate release of “hostages” held by Hamas.

Israel hits Hezbollah military facility in Lebanon

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Telegram that they had targeted some Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, including a military facility and an observation post. Furthermore, an IDF plane hit a terrorist cell operating along the border.

Al-Jazeera, the worst night of bombings in Gaza

Al-Jazeera reported that it is “the bloodiest” night of bombing in Gaza since Hamas’ massive attack in Israel on October 7. Israeli fighter jets have stepped up the level and scope of raids, targeting several areas within the Palestinian enclave. One of the attacks occurred in the Jabalia refugee camp, a densely populated area where more than 120,000 Palestinians live. The vicinity of Al Shifa and Al Quds hospitals were also bombed. According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, at least 400 people have died in the last 24 hours, with attacks on civilian homes without warning.