“Sabotage in Rai against Meloni”, Fratelli d’Italia requests that the case be opened in the Supervisory Commission


By John

“Sabotage in Rai against Meloni” is the title of an article in today’s Libero in which yes would reveal an episode from last summer in which a Usigrai reporter would have artfully edited a Rainews video of a colleague, extrapolating a sentence, decontextualized, repackaged through the company IT system, to attack the government: footage that would then have been sent to the newspapers of left. Many reactions arrived today following comments on the article from members of Fratelli d’Italia. «What has been published, if confirmed, is of an unprecedented gravity. From Usigrai, who is usually always talkative and who never misses an opportunity to lecture anyone on the right to freedom of the press, respect for pluralism and freedom of information, we expect at least a clarification if not a strong distancing.” declares the deputy of Fratelli d’Italia, Francesco Filini, group leader in the Rai Supervisory Commission. «It is incredible that the former leader of Usigrai, Vittorio Di Trapani, instead of defending the Rainews journalist who was the subject of questionable conduct by one of his colleagues, who would have extrapolated 37 seconds of television press review to put him in in a bad light, you sympathize with those who engaged in this conduct and attack those who were victims of it. I have asked – declares Forza Italia senator Maurizio Gasparri, member of the Rai Supervisory Commission – a question on this matter in the Parliamentary Supervisory Commission and I hope that Rai will respond within a few hours because it is truly incredible that the victims are intimidated , that we talk about bizarre parliamentary questions and that Di Trapani attacks the free journalism that has documented and will document this story. Reportism is a disease that spreads. Instead, Rai needs massive doses of freedom, pluralism, truth.”

«In addition to sabotage against Giorgia Meloni, it would be sabotage against the entire public service and those who work every day without lapsing into unfaithful and illegitimate behavior solely for ideological reasons. We ask the Rai top management for an internal investigation because what was reported by the newspaper Libero, if confirmed, would be serious and detrimental to the entire company. We hope that Usigrai will break the unusual silence by condemning the affair and demonstrating attention towards Rainews24 in sole defense of correctness and pluralism”, further declares the Hon. Augusta Montaruli, vice-president of the Rai Supervisory Commission and deputy group leader at the Chamber of Brothers of Italy. Similar comments also come from Sara Kelany, Senator Giovanni Satta, members of the Rai Supervisory Commission.