Israeli forces “ready” for ground invasion of Gaza Strip. From Lebanon 30 rockets towards northern Israel


By John

Israeli forces are “more ready than ever” allground invasion of the Gaza Strip. The IDF major general said this, as reported by The Jerusalem Post Mishel Yanko, responsible for logistics. The Israeli military has acknowledged “having hit a wall near” the church in an air attack. The Israeli Air Force was conducting raids against a command and control center of the terrorist organization Hamas used in launching rockets and mortars.” The military spokesman said so Daniel Hagari.

We know there were casualties and we are looking into the incident.”he added, reiterating that “Hamas purposely places its positions in civilian areas used by residents of the Gaza Strip.”

The Israeli embassy in Moscow: ground operation in Gaza decided

Israel has decided to launch its ground operation in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Aleksander Ben Zvi, told the Russian Tass agency.
«I would say that the decision has been made. Because the decision is linked to the fulfillment of our tasks, which we have already talked about. This involves the destruction of all Hamas terrorist facilities and the release of the hostages. And therefore, without using, among other things, a ground operation, this cannot be done, so we can say «that such a decision has been made», the diplomat said.
At the same time, Ben Zvi did not specify the possible time of the start of the ground operation. “We must not forget that we have more than 1,400 people killed,” the ambassador said, “we must stop all this, we must solve this problem.”

Gallant, first eliminate Hamas then new security in Gaza

First the elimination of Hamas, then we can talk about security in the Gaza Strip for the future. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant outlined Israel’s war plans and objectives in the Gaza Strip, speaking in Tel Aviv during a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. According to Gallant, the goals include the elimination of the Hamas terrorist group, destroying its military and government capabilities, and the complete removal of all Israeli responsibility for Gaza, creating a new “security regime” in the Strip.
Gallant told committee members that the war will have three main phases. “We are in the first phase, in which a military campaign is taking place with air strikes and subsequently with a ground maneuver with the aim of destroying the operators and damaging the infrastructure in order to defeat and destroy Hamas,” says Gallant.
The second phase involves continued fighting, but at a lower intensity, as troops work to “eliminate pockets of resistance.”
«The third phase will be the creation of a new security regime in the Gaza Strip, the removal of Israel’s responsibility for daily life in the Gaza Strip and the creation of a new security reality for the citizens of Israel and residents of the area surrounding Gaza.”

Army, 30 rockets from Lebanon towards northern Israel

About 30 rockets were launched from Lebanon towards Mount Dov, in northern Israel, close to the border. This was reported by Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari, quoted by the Israeli media. The IDF responded with artillery fire towards Lebanon, “killing a terrorist unit that was firing mortars towards Israeli territory”.

Erdogan: “Israel stop operations in Gaza, it is genocide”

“I reiterate our appeal to the Israeli administration not to broaden the scope of its attacks to include civilians and to immediately stop operations that are on the verge of becoming genocide.” The Turkish president said this Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as Anadolu reports, talking about Israeli operations in Gaza. “Israel, instead of correcting its mistakes and acting with the wisdom of a state, is behaving like an organization, often incited by actors external to the region,” added the Turkish president.