Italian Society of Geriatrics, Dr. Roberto Ricchio president of the Calabria section


By John

The Dr. Roberto Ricchio, former vice President, was unanimously elected as the new President of Sigot Calabria, the Italian Society of Geriatrics, Hospitals and Territories. The appointment came during the work of the regional board of directors which was held digitally on Wednesday 11 October 2023.

The meeting was opened by Dr. Alberto Castagnaoutgoing president, who in greeting those present, shared the analysis of the recent national event in Catanzaro and thanking the section for their timely contribution, highlighted the work of Dr. Giovanni Ruotolo at the service of Geriatrics not only regionally. Castagna also announced that during the first national board of directors, Dr. was appointed national scientific director. Filippo Fimognari, highlighting yet another recognition for the regional section. The first item on the agenda was then introduced: Resignation of the President position due to incompatibility with the new position of national councilor Sigot.

After reading article 17 of the current statute and, in particular, line 14 “The office of SIGOT National Councilor is incompatible with the office of President of the Sigot Regional Section” Dr. Alberto Castagna, exhibited the summary of the work carried out by the regional appointment highlighting in particular, how thanks to the choral work of the section, there was participation in all the scientific activities proposed by Sigot and in many of them, we were active proponents. It was highlighted how the Regional Nursing section was created, with numerous members and how the section reached the XII consecutive regional event and the recent national event hosted in Catanzaro, represented proof of the efficiency and solidity guaranteed by constant work of Dr. I roll it.

After having heard all those present, in a harmonious atmosphere, the resignation of the President and all the councilors were accepted, after a productive discussion given by Dr. Luciano Manfredi and by Dr Rosa Paola Cerra, they identified the new president in Dr. Roberto Ricchio who was given an immediate mandate to reshape the regional board of directors in the name of planning new objectives and in the wake of the direction of continuity already carried out.