Jannik and Maria, a love born on Instagram with likes


By John

No female presence in the corner of Jannik Sinner’s team that triumphed in Australia, but his beautiful girlfriend followed the feat of the South Tyrolean champion on TV

Maria Braccini, the young twenty-two-year-old influencer and model, is the flame of the racket champion. Originally from India, she has been living in Italy for some time now. According to rumors, their story began when the model met the talented player through Instagram.

It would seem that the South Tyrolean tennis player, Jannik Sinner, had expressed his interest by putting numerous hearts and likes under Braccini’s posts. The romance between the two would have come to life in 2020, and in some interviews, Sinner had revealed that returning home after intense training sessions was made even more pleasant by the support and attention of his girlfriend.

In an interview granted to a South Tyrolean broadcaster, the young athlete praised his partner’s calm, underlining that he appreciated the fact that she did not put pressure on him, fully understanding that sport represents his priority. On the other hand, Braccini had demonstrated her commitment to her relationship, even trying to learn to play tennis, thus demonstrating her support for her boyfriend’s sporting career. The couple seems to be living a solid and balanced love story, with both aware of their respective priorities and commitments.