Kate underwent abdominal surgery, the Italian tour is increasingly in doubt. King Charles will have prostate surgery in a week


By John

The Princes of Wales’ tour of Italy seems increasingly in doubt: the couple’s spring trip to Rome and Florence had not yet been officially announced but at this point it seems very unlikely. Kate, the wife of Prince William, has been admitted to hospital for abdominal surgeryan operation that was “successful” but which will probably keep her away from official commitments until Easter.
The princess was admitted to the London Clinic, a private London clinic, on Tuesday for a scheduled surgery and will remain there for ten to 14 days: according to the British press, the cause – which has not been disclosed – should not be linked to a cancer. In the meantime, however, the princess is forced to review her appointment calendar considering that once discharged she will probably be convalescing until Easter in her residence in Windsor Castle.
The tour in Italy, still only hypothetical, was scheduled for the beginning of 2024. If it takes place, it will be the first official trip of the Princes of Wales abroad after the death of Elizabeth II, a sort of ‘charme offensive’ on behalf of the British government as heirs to the throne, which should start from Italy. Shortly before Christmas, the British newspaper The Telegraph had written that it was unlikely that the princes would be received by Pope Francis.

Kate ‘requested privacy regarding her health’

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has requested absolute confidentiality regarding his health conditions and the British royal court therefore reserves the right to make public in the near future only “significant information” on the developments of his hospitalization. Kensington Palace underlines this on the sidelines of the announcement of the hospitalization of the 42-year-old wife of the heir to the throne William at the prestigious London Clinc in London for an unspecified abdominal surgery which will keep her in hospital for at least 10-14 days; and will force her to avoid public commitments until “after Easter”, i.e. for 4 months. The princess, explains the palace, «is grateful for the interest that this announcement is destined to generate. However, you hope that public opinion will understand your desire to ensure as much normality as possible for your children and you want personal medical information to remain private.” She also “apologies” to all the people involved for the necessary “postponement of her upcoming commitments, trusting that she will be able to recover them as soon as possible”.

Meanwhile the media are already crowding outside the London Clinic, health facility inaugurated in 1932 and in which in the past Prince Consort Philip, Princess Margaret (sister of Elizabeth II, who underwent surgery there for a first tumor which turned out to be benign), but also Elizabeth Taylor (for an orthopedic operation on a knee ), the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet or – in his youth – the future American president John F. Kennedy. Structure in which Queen Elizabeth herself inaugurated a modern oncology department in 2010, housed in a new wing costing 80 million pounds. And where prime ministers of the Kingdom such as Clement Attlee or Anthony Eden were treated for cancer or suspected cancer. Given the context, and the long expected duration of the convalescence expected by the doctors, the tabloids do not hide anxiety and questions. But both the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express are quick to cite unofficial sources according to which Kate’s diagnosis does not appear to have anything to do with a tumor.

King Charles, prostate surgery next week

King Charles III will undergo surgery for a prostate problem next week. He made this known at Buckingham Palace in London. The announcement that the British king has “a hypertrophic prostate” and will undergo surgery next week came shortly after Kensington Palace announced that Kate, Princess of Wales, had been admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery.
Buckingham Palace wanted to give an image of the king as that of an ordinary man: «Like thousands of men every year, the king was examined for an enlarged prostate. What your Majesty is suffering from is benign and he will go to hospital next week for a corrective procedure,” he announced in a short press release. The monarch’s public commitments will be postponed for the short period of his convalescence, the note continues.
It is the first time since Charles’ accession to the throne on 8 September 2022, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, that the palace has publicly discussed the sovereign’s state of health. Kate, the 42-year-old wife of William, Charles’ eldest son and heir to the throne, was hospitalized yesterday and today underwent abdominal surgery which will keep her away from public commitments at least until the end of March.