Kiev: “Russia launched a thousand bombs in a week. Two Russian ballistic missiles shot down over the capital.” US Ambassador: Russia attacks with hypersonic missiles


By John

Russia launched a thousand bombs including missiles, drones and aerial ordnance against Ukraine last week: This was stated by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. Kiev lists 190 missiles, 140 drones and 700 aerial bombs. “Our sky defenders shoot down virtually all targets, but even the most agile ones need support to defend our people from Russian terror,” the ministry said in a post on X.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian air defense shot down two Russian ballistic missiles launched from the territory of occupied Crimea this morning around 10.30 local time (around 9.30 in Italy): the Air Force announced this on Telegram, specifying that the type of missiles has not yet been identified. The Air Force further stated that last night the Russians launched nine kamikaze drones over Ukraine, eight of which were shot down in the regions of Mykolaiv and Odessa, in the south of the country. The drones, of the Shahed type, were launched from Cape Chauda, ​​in occupied Crimea.

Meanwhile, the American ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink wrote on X: «This morning too, Russia attacks Ukraine with hypersonic missiles. Strong explosions in Kiev. In the last 5 days Russia has launched hundreds of missiles and drones against a sovereign country. Ukraine needs our assistance now. There's not a moment to waste.”