Mother and daughter from Cosenza get 500 euros for the delay of the Verona-Lamezia flight


By John

Mother and daughter from Cosenza get 500 euros for a delayed flight Verona-Lamezia Terme.

The issue concerned the delay of the Ryanair Verona-Lamezia Terme flight on May 6th. The two passengers, mother and daughter from Cosenza, having suffered a delay of more than three hours compared to the scheduled time, requested an allowance or financial compensation as required by community legislation.
The Justice of the Peace of Verona therefore established that, in compliance with the EC Regulation, passengers are entitled to compensation of 250 euros each for delays exceeding three hours. The ruling accepted the passengers' request, condemning the airline to pay 250 euros for each passenger, for a total of 500 euros.
This decision represents an important step forward in the protection of air passenger rights in Italy, underlining the importance of rigorous application of European air transport regulations and ensuring greater transparency and responsibility on the part of airlines towards their customers .