Lamezia-Catanzaro-Dorsale Jonica railway connection: the signing of a legality protocol soon

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By John

Friday 10 November, at 5.00 pm, in the “Sala Giunta” of this Prefecture, in the presence of the Hon. Wanda Ferro, undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, the Prefects of Catanzaro, Cosenza and Crotone will sign, together with the RFI project manager, the Territorial Labor Inspectorates competent for the provinces involved and the trade unions of the category workers, a protocol of legality relating to strengthening of the Lamezia T. -Catanzaro L. -Dorsale Jonica railway connection.

The interventions to be carried out, which consist, among others, in the strengthening of the infrastructure and the electrification of numerous sections of the aforementioned railway connection, will make it possible to significantly reduce travel times for the benefit of the numerous users and commuters who make use of the service on a daily basis. of rail transport.

For the implementation of the aforementioned interventions, the protocol that will be signed provides for a series of controls and activities aimed at preventing the infiltration of organized crime into public works, as well as a series of commitments by companies relating to the prevention of illicit interference for corrupt and mafia-related purposes, together with monitoring and tracing activities, for the purposes of transparency of labor flows.